Friday, April 10, 2009

Evan had a great time as always at the park today. He met a little girl there named Isabella, she was 13 months old. All Evan wanted to do was to play with her ball, and all Isabella wanted to do was to unzip his vest, and hit him on the head. He didn't cry though, he just sort of looked at her like what did I do? Pete told him to get used to it, that's how girls are. Just one of many lessons to be learned on the playground. The funny thing is that as I type this I can hear Evan on the baby monitor talking in his sleep saying "ba ba ba" which means ball, at least I hope he's talking in his sleep. Maybe he's dreaming about his day at the park. We quacked at the ducks, picked flowers, played in the dirt, picked up chicks, and even checked out the other kids rides. He loves this car that all the kids seem to have now, it's like a little plastic car that they can ride in as you push them like a stroller. Evan LOVES it. He's really into cars right now. Maybe he'll get one for Easter? Anyway, here are some more photos!

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