Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ok, I Confess, My Baby Watches TV

So the doctor tells me, "No TV for baby till he's three" and I was like, oh, yeah, of course. Yeah right. I mean it's not like we strap him in an exersaucer and place him in front of the tv all day and the leave the room. He has constant interaction from everyone in the house. I think all of the interaction has made him more advanced than other "babies" his age. The doctor also went down the check list and asked, is he saying Ma-Ma or Da-Da? Yes! He even says nana, pop-pop, Ted, cat, out, ball, bobble (bottle), Vis (Elvis), makes f noises for fan, makes ba noises for balloon, makes car noises and even talks to the dog in their language (Does that make him bi-lingual?). He also is quite good at sending text messages but that's a whole other subject. Then she asks me, is he crawling yet? Crawling? He's already walking on his own! She asks me, is he pinching food with his fingers to eat? Oh, please, he's already using a spoon! And every time we go out, I hear, "Wow, he's doing that and he's how old? My baby doesn't do that!" For example when we were in the line to see the Easter Bunny, the line was long and I would say that 75% of the babies/kids in the line were completely ignored, the entire time we were waiting, it was a line mushy lumps in strollers. One poor girl was even sticking her head into the fountain, so she ended up having wet hair for her Easter Bunny picture. Nobody paid any attention! No interaction at all. And even when I tried to say hello to the babies they would have no reaction, just a blank glazed look on their face, probably wondering why I was talking to them. But I'm getting off the subject.

Anyway, the boy loves music. So, what's the difference between having Palladia on (a music television network that airs concerts all day) or the radio? I thought that music was good for baby's development. Evan loves music. Sometimes we'll even put on the country station, because I figure it's more kid friendly than the other music channels. He doesn't pay too much attention to it, I don't think it interrupts his play. He loves watching people play instruments, so that might grab his attention for a bit but then he's off doing what ever it was he was doing.

I will admit that I do put on Mickey Mouse in the morning. And I will admit that I have never been a morning person I've been trying my best to be wide awake and ready to play at 6:45 in the morning, but I haven't been very good at it, and this is where I depend on Mickey Mouse to make the morning more cheerful, Mickey and my parents!!!!!!! I am so lucky my parents are up and ready to play at this time of the morning. And I will admit that Evan does go into a bit of a tv trance when they sing the Hot Dog Dance but when they stop singing he usually loses interest. And since I'm on a roll, I will also admit that I occasionally put on Play With Me Sesame, because it makes Evan laugh. And I admit that I love having Ellen on at 3pm, and I admit that Evan does do this fake (and hilarious) laugh along to the laugh track and claps when the audience claps, he would make a great tv audience member! So yeah, I am feeling a bit guilty exposing Evan to tv so young after the doctor tells me "No tv till he's three years old!" But don't tell Evan that.

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