Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Phillies' World Series Trophy at the Children's Please Touch Museum

The Phillies' World Series Trophy was going to be at the Children's Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia today so we went to see it and take tons of pictures (of course). The line wasn't long at all to see the trophy, and when it was our turn Evan right away tried to touch it! The trophy "security guards" jumped in to save the trophy. They almost had a heart attack. The one guard admitted that he knew it might be a bad idea to take something that you can't touch to the Please Touch Museum. Pop Pop almost had a heart attack too, he said he immediately started adding up in his head how much it would cost him if Evan knocked the trophy to the floor.

He had the time of his life at the museum, his face just lit up when we walked in and he saw all the kids running around and playing. I was worried that everything would be too old for Evan, but even for a ten month old baby there was soooo much to see and do. There was even a band there that Evan really enjoyed, it might have been his favorite thing at the museum today. All though it's hard to say, Evan really did enjoy everything there.

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