Thursday, April 16, 2009

Note From Daddy

Hey Evan, Daddy's working late again tonight in New York City, and I just wanted to let you know, I was thinking about you. It's 3am, and since my computer went kaput, I'm at the only 24-hour FedEx Office left in New York trying to hammer out last minute details on this movie I'm working on. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I miss you. I had so much fun hanging out with last week. I can't believe how fast you're growing and how good you are at walking already. Some kids don't even walk until they're a year old, so, I'm very proud of you. You're already saying a bunch of words and you seem to understand everything we say to you, even if you don't know how to speak yet. I'm looking forward to coming home on Monday and hanging out with you again. Every time I come home from one of these long jobs, you seem to have grown so much bigger, even if I've only been gone a few days, you seem so much more grown up every time I see you. You're turning into such a big boy. I love every minute of it though. You've been with us for less than a year now, but me and mommy can hardly remember what our life was like before you were born. We love you so much. So, goodnight. I miss you. I'll be home soon. Give Mommy a kiss for me.

Love, Daddy

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