Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I hate pollen and pollen hates me.(mommy)

I didn't take this picture, but this is what everything looks like outside due to the pollen. Isn't it gross? Just looking at this picture makes my eyes itchy.

Today was so hot that I don't even remember much of the day. I know that Evan was up late last night because he had a bit of ice cream for the first time. So he was extra sleepy today. I think he is also going through a bit of a growing spurt, plus it has been so hot. The pollen around here has been out of control. Everything is covered in thick layer of green pollen, including Evan's new pool. It's put quite a damper on everything. First I couldn't wait for it to be warm out, and now that it's warm I can't wait to be able to go outside without sneezing my head off. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler out. Here are some more photos from last Thursday, when it was cooler out, before the pollen attacked.

Look how much fun he is having driving his car!!
Look at those two little bottom teeth!
Here you can see him making his car noises while he steers.
He loves his car.

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