Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meeting Aunts, Uncles, & English Cousins

Wednesday, we were scheduled to bring Evan to go and meet his English cousins who were visiting my brother's house in Milltown, NJ, the town I grew up in. Genevieve was in the computer room with Evan, when I heard a horrible crash. Evan had fallen, and smashed his face into a box that had my printer in it. Of course, it was a good minute before the scream came out, but when it did, boy was it a big one. His poor little face was instantly bruised, and it must have hurt like hell. We out him down for a nap after that figuring a little rest would help him get over the most recent falling injury. A little later, we headed up to Milltown, where he met his Uncle Steve, Aunt Michelle, and cousins Pete & Tiny from England for the first time. Here's some photos from Wedensday night in Milltown:

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