Monday, April 13, 2009

Bumps & Bruises

Evan had a rough day today. He's been getting a lot more confident on his feet, so he's gone from walking to running in just a few days. But with his new found freedom comes plenty of bumps and bruises. He took 3 pretty hard falls today, and has the bruises and busted lip to prove it. You can see the one bruise above his left eye. That one happened falling into the TV stand. He busted his lip falling and hitting his face on the carpet while playing with his new car, and then for the finale, he just toppled over into the corner of a wall hitting the top of his head, making an immediate lump. Once the screaming and tears were done, he'd finally had enough and was ready for bed. We're hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Finally worn out, giving in to sleepyness.

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